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We are India's one of the leading companies for providing complete identification and data collection system through bar-coding. Based in Kolkata, we have been operating in India since past 22 years, having a considerable market share in the Barcoding & Labelling Industry. Our operations extends to a wide range of business sectors like retail, exports and manufacturing concerns for their warehouse and dispatch management.

Specgraph started Bar-coding in 1993. We provide complete barcode solutions right from printing barcodes and scanning of barcodes to processing of the scanned data for Management Information Systems. Our principals include Sato Corporation, Japan and PSC Inc., USA, PSION Data Collection Terminals and having in-house manufacturing of labels. We are one of the 9 accredited Barcode System Solution Providers recognized by GS1 India under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Retail Anti-Theft Solutions

Specgraph's latest state of the art Retail Anti-theft system, based on Radio-Frequency (RFID) technology. According to a study pilferage, shoplifting and stock shrinkage currently accounts for 1 to 2.5% revenue loss in large format stores in India. Mega retail chains and large store are currently investing a lot on EAS systems for anti-shoplifting, asset protection. EAS system can be used for apparel stores, music stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets. Devices like labels, hard tags, gates, electronic sensors and Electro-mechanical anchors are used for preventing thefts. Only RF technology allows for integrated barcode price scanning and deactivation of EAS security tags and labels in a single, smooth step that is transparent to cashiers and consumers alike.

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