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Drum Labels
Drum Labels:

Specgraph offers total drum labelling solutions which ensure ease of application, super resistant, security, reduced inventory, barcode superiority, Labels on demand, attractive appearance.

Till now, the very phrase ‘ Drum Labeling’ brought up a painful image of hassles and problems. A disproportionate amount of manpower is spent on laboriously painting or stencilling onto steel or plastic drums. And the result is a shabby looking label that easily becomes unreadable once exposed to the elements. Worse, a painted or stencilled label can be easily erased or over-written, thus posing a serious security hazard. In short, drum stencilling is a time -consuming and shabby process, leading to a wastage of man hours. Thankfully, you now have a convenient and cost-effective solution for your drum labeling needs.

Definitive Business Advantages

Ease of application : it enhances the ease of label application onto the drum surface.

Super Resistant : the labels are designed to be weather-proof and are completely oil, Solvent & chemical resistant.

Ensure Security: Being tamper-resistant, the labels are a security asset and give a trustworthy Indication of the drums' contents.

Reduced Inventory : you will no longer need to maintain an inventory of empty pre-stencilled drums, thereby saving space & money.

Bar code Superiority :Bar codes ,which from part of the label format, can be painted to ensure Tracking. This vital data can then be used to complement database systems.

Labels on demand : Variable printing with the label printer allows for on-demand operation as and when required.

Attractive Appearance : Labels have an international appearance and aesthetic appeal and enhance your Corporate and produce image.