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Advanced Digital RF Systems
Specgraph's new family of antennas is the most advanced EAS solution available to today's retailers.
By combining next-generation Digital RF technology with robust communications and remote alarm data-capture capabilities, our antennas deliver superior performance to maximize loss-prevention effectiveness in any store environment.

    Features :

  • High-performance Digital RF detection .
  • Virtual freedom from false alarms .
  • Value-added two-way communications.
  • Flexible, customizable configurations.
  • Automated alarm analysis .
  • RFID upgradability .
  • Remote system monitoring.
  • All-new, ultra-durable design.
  • Ideal platform for detection of both EAS and RFID tags.
Our deactivation technology integrates with POS procedures. For retailers focused on customer service, checkout proceeds rapidly and deactivation takes place discreetly.
Regardless of tag orientation, efficient, non-contact deactivation helps eliminate false alarms due to failure to deactivate eliminating unnecessary embarrassment for your customers. And only RF EAS allows simultaneous integration of price scanning and security tag deactivation for maximum efficiency.

    Features :

  • Supports high-speed cashier throughput Supports one-step scan/deactivation.
  • Offers the largest deactivation range.
  • Can be placed on or under counter for space savings and flexibility at POS .
  • Reduces internal theft and "unauthorized" deactivation with Interlock feature.
  • Does not damage merchandise, cash/credit cards or smart cards .
Reusable Tags
Our durable, reusable tags, in a variety of styles, provide maximum protection for high-theft apparel and high-value merchandise. A difficult-to-defeat locking mechanism thwarts shoplifters while allowing easy removal with the POS detacher unit.

    Features :

  • A variety of hard tags in UFO, mini-UFO, mini and other styles, for maximum detection in wide-aisle systems .
  • Lightweight Designer tags, custom imprinted in one or two colors, encased in clear plastic.
  • Flex tags, made of lightweight, durable Tyvek® and printed with a simulated bar code .
  • ChekInk® II fluid tags deter through benefit denial.
We offer easy-to-use SAFER protective products engineered to allow secure open merchandising in key markets. SAFER reusable security packages are constructed of high-quality polycarbonate materials and are designed to provide years of use.
A patented magnetic lock affords maximum security against theft. SAFER products can accommodate a variety of other EAS tags, and are easily removed at POS with special detachers.

    Features :

  • Entertainment Media SAFERs, in a variety of styles, protect CDs, double CDs, digital video discs (DVDs), audio cassettes, video cassettes, video game cartridges and CD-ROMs.
  • Optical SAFERs, with a patented adjustable rubber-cushioned locking mechanism, provide virtually tamper-proof protection for eyeglasses and sunglasses.
We offer a full range of accessories designed to fit your store operations and make the most of your RF EAS system. You can always count on high performance, reliability and ease of use.

    Accessories includes: :

  • Versatile new OMNI tool puts three EAS accessories into one package.
  • Alarm counter.
  • People counter.
  • Detachers .

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