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  • Higher Output:Our patented Servo System gives high labelling speeds upto 350 BPM for online vial labelling
  • Low Change-over Time: Our special Quick change design facilitates faster changing of star wheel and hence reduces downtime during change-over of various vial sizes
  • Operator Friendly and Ease of Handling:Single point control of various drives and Labeller through Encoder System & Synchro Speed Device along with Auto Label Length detection for speedy setting
  • Data Management:In-built production counter helps recording of the machine output
  • Paper Break Alarm:This feature stops the machine and provides audio-visual alarm during Label web breakage, thereby preventing ampoules from going out without labels

Technical Specification:

MOC SS 304
labelling Speed Servo Technology: upto 350 BPM (Depending on Label Length) Stepper Technology: upto 250 BPM
Max Label Size Up to 100 mm in Height
Vials Size up to 20ml Vials
Container Material Glass
Power Requirement Servo: 440 VAC, 60 Hz, Three Phase Stepper: 220 VAC, 50Hz, Single Phase